An older woman warrior lady who is in the middle of combat but she is so thoroughly unimpressed by her opponents she just calls her kids or grandkids right there to see how they’re doing


Madoka Magica witch collages, part two. Including the undebuted ones.
Suleika, Albertine Uhrmann, Gisela, Izabel, Patricia, and Roberta.
You can view part one here.


Madoka Magica collage witches part 3.
Including Oktavia von Seckendorff, Ophelia, Kriemhild Gretchen, and Walpurgis Night.

Part 1 | Part 2


Robe à l’anglaise retroussée ca. 1775


Robe à l’anglaise retroussée ca. 1775



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wooHOO im done dyeing my hair


characters that go through hell yet still believe in the goodness of humanity, still hope for the best despite everything, refuse to let darkness consume them because someone somewhere is always going to be good are literally my favourite, because they give me that little hope too

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Anyone who claims it’s not ‘historically accurate’ to put POC in fantasy settings automatically go into the ‘racist as fuck’ category.





There’s a reason why Neil deGrasse Tyson’s views on race are completely overlooked and why even I was never aware of them until recently. Science nerds will make a billion photosets and quotes about the new Cosmos and speak on everything Neil gets into even the science of the fucking Mjölnir…

This is the problem with social activists, right. Why do they place the burden on everyone in society to forward social causes, and then shame them when they don’t? In the field of science views don’t matter, good science does. I don’t give two shits about scientists’ opinions of racism, but I would praise them for raising awareness of good scientific processes and groundbreaking research. The scientific community isn’t ignorant, it is a neutral field for like-minded fellows.

the scientific community isn’t neutral and if you think it has then you haven’t been paying attention for….. ever

sexist evolutionary psychology? scientific community

racist, cissexist, and transmisogynist anthropology? scientific community

lobotomies and shock therapy for people with mental illnesses and/or some atypical neurotype? scientific community

harmful and torturous attempts to cure queer people because homosexuality and gender deviance were (and often still are) considered mental illnesses? scientific community

the big name atheists? like richard dawkins? gross misogynist racist islamophobic dude, and also an icon of “the scientific community”.

that psychology today article about how black women are ugly? written by… a scientist

the word “caucasian”? some archaeologist found large human skulls in the caucasus mountain range, and concluded they must be from white people because larger skulls = bigger brains = smarter

i could go on. and on. and on. the scientific community is full of flawed people (often the most privileged, as they are the ones who have controlled it for so long and still control it today) who are just as much products of their culture as anyone.

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